The museum considers the city as a space of “responsible” freedom, which is connected to the people who live there. Therefore, together with the visitors, MuMi will be exploring and learning about urban identity through its connections with the past, trying to understand itself in the contemporary context and to influence the city’s future. The museum will be providing opportunities for the public to feel part of the city and to recognize personal responsibility for its space.

The idea to create the City Museum was developed by an initiative group (the public union and the charitable foundation for the development of the City Museum) and is being implemented by the Lviv City Council.

The City Museum’s mission is to uncover the phenomenon of the city as a space that is created by people and that shapes its citizens in return. 

The City Museum’s purpose is to build a community of conscious city residents who understand their own role in creating the city’s environment and responsible use of its spaces while helping Lviv guests to gain a deeper understanding of the city’s matters and its contexts.

The City Museum’s tasks are:

  • Developing local identity
  • Engaging residents in the City Museum creation process
  • Documenting and presenting the multifaceted experiences of the contemporary urban residents as well as of their predecessors in the past
  • Communicating with the local community, discussing history, culture, and urban issues
  • Connecting residents to the city’s heritage while promoting acknowledgement of shared responsibility for it

Through developing and hosting various temporary exhibitions and public programs, MuMi will help city residents and guests to understand and re-think the city’s context and their own role in it. 

The museum’s main focus is on the city itself as an already formed museum collection, which isn’t just a random selection of people, objects, and phenomena, but the grounds for exploring and uncovering the connections between them.