The City Museum is located in the dungeons of the Lviv City Hall. This modern building, which is an architectural monument of national importance, was constructed in 1835 as designed by Y. Markl and F. Tresher in the classicist style of the time. There is no precise information about the original use of the basement premises of this building. But dungeons were used very actively in the previous City Hall: the wine was stored in cellars. At the proper time, there were “Dorotka”,  “Under the Angel” and “Tatarnia” prisons here. Some dungeons of the City Hall were hired by merchants, such as cellars for storing, shops, and warehouses. The city used some basements as a store of confiscated goods. And in the ХVIII century dungeons were used by the tsipak night watch (now the police).

Since the end of 2018, repair and restoration works are being carried out in the City Hall dungeons at the expense of the city. After that, this space became the necessary exhibition conditions: ventilation, heating, lighting, fire, and security alarm systems, video surveillance, and the Internet. The entrance area includes a reception with visitor information and resources, a rest area, and a showcase of the museum’s souvenir products. A lifting elevator platform is provided for people with disabilities. The movement through the exhibition will be barrier-free.

The total area of the future museum is 650 square meters, about half of which will be exhibition space. After completing the first phase of work only a part of the premises is available for viewing (260 square meters). MuMi exhibitions take place in 6 exhibition halls.

The concept of minimalism was at the heart of the design of the premises. Thoughtful functionality will allow the adaptation of premises for various exhibitions. For that reason, the project authors envisaged a fastener system and mobile lighting.

But MuMi projects will not be limited to the walls of the museum and may occur directly in the public/common area of the city.