In July 2019, the team of the City Museum received a grant from the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation to implement a project that involves the participatory creation of the concept of the debut exhibition.

The work on the concept will be based on the use of interdisciplinary and participatory principles, i.e. the involvement of specialized communities, specialists from various fields of activity, as well as citizens for meaningful discussions and joint development of the main ideas of the future exhibition.

An integrated approach allows us to analyze and take into account different points of view and visions of the current formats and meanings of contemporary museum exhibitions. This practice of interaction is quite innovative for the Ukrainian museum business and it gives a special added value to the project. It also increases the level of interactivity and maximum involvement of stakeholders in the process of preparing the exhibition.

This project is one of the stages in the formation of the City Museum in Lviv, an opportunity to understand what kind of City Museum Lviv’s residents and others want to see. We will engage city residents through targeted focus groups, surveys, and quizzes. We plan to publicly present the results of our work in November 2019. The project team is convinced that the materials developed will become models for the preparation of exhibitions not only for the City Museum, but also for other museums in Lviv and Ukraine,” comments Marta Hladka, project coordinator. 

The result of the project will be a formed concept of the debut exhibition, which will include a formed design vision and analysis of the results of the opinion poll of Lviv residents. A video (teaser) for the upcoming exhibition will be created. The City Museum website will be launched, where everyone will be able to learn more about the project and other initiatives of the team. The project will provide relevant information for museum workers who will be able to use it to organize modern, changing exhibitions.

The opening of the City Museum (MuMi) is scheduled for the end of 2020 and will be located in the dungeons of the City Hall in Lviv. The premises for the future museum are currently being prepared at the expense of the city budget. This space will allow everyone to understand and get to know the city, to reveal the important relationships between the city and its residents.

The City Museum is being created by an initiative group in cooperation with the Charitable Foundation “Foundation for the Development of the City Museum in Lviv” and the Lviv City Council.