Project “60th year of our media era” united whole series of events, which were dedicated to 60th years of appearing of the television in L`viv. Every event opened certain aspect of media epoch.

The project started from public discussion of the television appearance times in L`viv: features of its prerequisites and interesting facts of formation and gradual development. Soon presentation of the retro-video zone happened, where everyone was able to watch tele-news of 60 years ago on the retro-TV. Inherent attribute of that epoch`s house – old soviet TV, lacquered table, soft armchair with golden covering and floor lamp helped feel the atmosphere of that time. Also exhibition “Speak and show L`viv” was represented under open sky: unique facts about one of the main symbols of L`viv media world – television tower and all-soviet known “L`viv television factory”, which known today as concern “Electron”.

Also master-class took place for everyone – creation of the art-book about television tower with artist Ana Li. Finally, film watching became last part of the event – the citizens and guests of the city were able to watch 3 musicals, which was created by L`viv tele-studio. Show took part at the opened pavilion, and films were broadcast on 2 screens: on the retro one and on the big projection another.

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