the space where everyone can join the development of the first exhibition of the City Museum — The Hero’s Journey. The Last Week of Summer.

The Hero’s Journey. The Last Week of Summer — an exhibition about how children explore the city. The pathways and trajectories of our urban routes in childhood shape our city perception and our agency in making change and its development. The exhibition will be about the city residents of age 6-12 years, whose childhood takes place in cities. The focus is on a growing-up period, the time when children themselves begin going beyond the usual spaces controlled by parents. Most of the exhibition narratives are connected locally with the city of Lviv. They are based on the memories of modern citizens beginning from the middle of the XX – the beginning of the XXI centuries.

The scenario of the future exhibition is based on the concept of the hero’s journey, introduced by Joseph Campbell in his book The Hero with a Thousand Faces (1949). There will be stories about the safe space of yards and about  places of attraction outside of it, the journey to which becomes a real adventure with overcoming limitations and fears. Each story ends with bringing back home new experiences and trophies, and most importantly, a new understanding of yourself and your city.

How to join?

In an interactive and participatory way, we invite you to become co-curators of the space by filling the future exposition with memories, ideas, and experiences.

This space is a platform and an opportunity to hear personal stories and build a shared / collective one, including experiences of different generations. Thus everyone is welcome to share their photos, videos, stories, and objects. Museum staff will preserve the collected materials, and the curatorial team will select the most suitable to display during the exhibition at the City Museum.

The laboratory consists of rooms and thematic blocks. Each part of the space invites you to share information about city childhood through interactions in different formats.

Spaces and formats

Planning and Imagining / Pop up museum / Interviewing / Photo scanning / Writing / Mapping / Drawing

Thematic focuses of materials

Space / Childhood subcultures / Collections and exchanges / Games / Borders and limitations / Places of attraction / Mobility/ Fears / Earned treasures and awards / Heroes

Project team:

Project manager – Tetyana Bey

Conceptual part- Khrystyna Boyko, Tetyana Bey

Design – Serhiy Petlyuk

Coordination and management – Oleksandra Provozin, Svitlana Tymkiv

Consultancy – Nastia Savytska

Communication – Victoria Ivaskevych