If you were 12-15 years old, what would you show your peers in the city? The MuMi team asked the same question to the children who we invited to develop a map and a quest for the central part of Lviv. The answer came in the form of a traveler’s kit that could be borrowed to complete the quest and receive a prize from the City Museum. The “Like a Fish in the City” kit includes a subjective map with pictures of places that children recommend visiting. The quest consists of 10 unexpected locations, 10 unusual tasks and some helpful tools aimed to solve the puzzles easier.

Development and testing preceded the creation of the map and quest. Together with MuMi, the children learned how the city functions, smells, tastes, and sounds, as well as how to create quests and describe Lviv to its guests. They had to brainstorm a lot of options for what to see and do there. And then they filtered the ideas and chose the best places to recommend to their peers. Through discussion, voting, and testing, the final route of the quest was determined, which included ten places selected from the thirty proposed locations on the map. During the quest, each location must first be solved, and the task must be completed on the spot.

Lviv downtown was a pilot area for the project, and in the future, such maps and quests will be developed in different parts of the city.

The first so to speak ‘test swim’ for our quest took place during the International Museum Day on May 18, with 43 teams, or 117 participants from different cities of Ukraine. The results revealed that the tasks are interesting for both children’s teams and families with children. The route leads through historic sites, combines parks and pedestrian streets, allows participants to see the panorama of the city and look for unnoticed details of the urban landscape.

The traveler’s kit can be borrowed from the City Museum, the Tourist Information Centre and six libraries in different districts of the city.

You can sign up to participate and find out more details here.

The subjective children’s map and the quest were developed as part of the project “Creating Children’s Maps of Lviv districts. Centre” jointly by the team of the City Museum, the Foundation for the Development of the City Museum in Lviv, and students of the Budokan Secondary School of Oriental Languages and Martial Arts. The project is supported by the ZMIN Foundation.